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Treasured TIP of the Week – Manifestation (Week 3)

pearlsofwisdom“What you desire already exists” – Neville

There are two parts to Manifesting…

1) creating a clear vision of your heart’s desire, including sensory vividness and

2) developing an unshakable belief

This quote by Neville caught my attention. What we desire already exists in the field of our imagination, the potent mental faculty which is our birthright.

When we can imagine the future, with all we desire rolled into it, to be IN the present, then all we desire already exists. This is not so unusual – it is just like knowing that the future oak tree already was contained within the acorn.

The trick is developing a strong belief that your future self already is! The future becomes the present when you imagine that you already ARE what you will be when your vision is fulfilled. Be still and know….that you are that which you desire to be.

If you love this way of thinking, please reach out – we teach you how to manifest your desires. We’ll show you how!


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