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What Is Your Why? 3 Simple Actions To Help You Discover Your True Purpose.

What Is Your Why? 3 Simple Actions To Help You Discover Your True Purpose.

Growing up, when my mother was upset with me for something I did, she would demand in a high-pitched voice, “Why on earth did you do THAT?”  Suddenly I was at a loss for an explanation and immediately began to back-peddle in defense, blurting out defiantly, “Because, Just Because!!”, and then later wonder by myself, why?

Let’s take a poll. How many people do you know personally who stay in jobs they say they really don’t like? Or who stay in relationships that died long ago? I ask you, “Why on earth do they do THAT?”

Why? Indeed, Why? This little three letter word is what lies powerfully underneath questions like “Why am I doing what I am doing? Why am I here? What is my PURPOSE?”

One client, Betty, like many others, came to The Four Dames feeling heavy and anxious, in search of her true life purpose. Nothing worked in her life. The problem was she insisted she had no Purpose.

In a world of multi-tasking, instant communication and the demands of “making it”, we find more clients are searching for meaning. They experience confusion and see their lack of having a clear purpose as a huge existential problem.

We have found that the solution lies in gaining the clarity needed to live a happy, relevant and purpose driven life. It hinges on discovering your unique “Why”.

The good news is… it can be easier than you think. Here is how we helped Betty and others like her. These three simple decisions will help you discover your Purpose, and live your “Why”!

1.  Decide it’s NOT a Problem! If you view your purpose as a weighty issue, it will be. Only your thinking can make it an angst-ridden dilemma. You don’t really need to go on a trek to the Himalayas to find the deep meaning of your life…unless that’s on your bucket list of awesome, fun adventures! Its not a matter of finding your purpose. It’s a matter of “deciding for” your purpose! As one of my mentors, Reverend Michael Beckwith says, “Stop trying to find yourself; start to BE yourself!”

2. Decide for Simplicity! Surprisingly, your real purpose can be a simple, elegant statement of your aliveness at best… like the wonderful quote by Augustine of Hippo, simply, “We are here to love and be loved in return”.

What if it could be easy? You can choose your own “North Star” purpose, which can guide you in every endeavor of your life. Begin by asking the now famous “Four Dames Question”…. “What would I love?” You can craft your “Why” – it can be a simple ‘I AM’ statement such as, “I am here to serve” or “I am here to be a positive force for Good”.

3. Decide ‘FOR’ a Purpose that Feels Real.  Decide to be uniquely You! What is your number one greatest quality that people always admire in you? Your confidence? Your compassion? Consider what gift you have been given. What makes you feel the most alive, and what unique quality do you feel best about spreading? Love? Joy? Justice? Service? Gratitude?

Amy, for example, is a client who began to understand her true purpose when she became pregnant! She consciously chose a new and powerful “Why” that began to guide and instruct her every decision. Although motherhood may seem quite obvious, the truth is, we all have one thing that down deep calls us to become greater – something for which we can stand.  As the saying goes, “If you stand for something, you won’t fall for anything.” Simply choose what feels the best and let your life stand for that – claim your purpose!

WARNING! When you complete these three decisions, get ready for something amazing to happen. You will suddenly discover that every aspect of your life will begin to show itself as being either IN alignment, or very clearly OUT of alignment!  That’s the good news, because then you can begin to do something about it and shift your results. As an example, it may become obvious that your current job does not reflect what you want to stand for… ok, its time to make a change.

Thus, when you look at your job, at your relationships, at your activities, or any part of your life, asking, “Why am I in this, does this reflect the quality I want to stand for?” If no, take notice. If yes, good for you! You can have a clear, easy elegant answer…….. Why? Because, I AM here to ________________ (you fill in the blank).


What is YOUR “WHY”?

Let us know what you think by commenting below.

Give your ideas about the qualities you love to live and tell us what you love most about your purpose!

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Lynn Kitchen is a successful Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Professional Speaker, Trainer and Financial Coach helping women to get results in making their life’s goals and financial dreams come true.  Lynn Kitchen was one of the first women to own her own Investment Broker Dealership and Investment Advisor Firm. She brings 34 years of financial experience, as well as 10 years of spiritual practitioner experience to her clients. Lynn is one of the Founders of www.fourdames.com. The Four Dames is a collaborative coaching company that empowers Women to create a life of freedom, purpose and fun, which specializes in the areas of Health, Wealth, Love and Purpose.

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