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How to Use Intuition To Get What You Want In Life.

How to Use Intuition To Get What You Want In Life.

There are three major “goal posts” in creating a life we would love to live, in designing goals within our vision of health, wealth, love and purpose. Touch each of these posts daily and you will watch as your life unfolds, by all appearances, mystically.

They are:

  1. Write a clear vision, including the goals and results desired.
  2. Notice what you are Noticing.
  3. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.

When we allow ourselves to “dream”, to consider a life beyond what we are currently experiencing, something that lights us up, makes us feel good all over, has us grow, includes others and has us say “I love my life”, we are on the way to creating the expression, the experience of a life well lived. So first, write a clear vision, including the goals and results desired.

Then how do we know if we’re on the right track? How do we stay on track?  Simply answered, our Intuition is there to support it all.  It is through and with our Intuition that we begin to design, develop and stay focused on that life.

The second “goal post” above in “Noticing what you are Noticing” you are able to tap, so surely, into knowing your Intuition.  When you “notice what you are noticing”, what you are thinking, what actions you are taking or are about to take, you are becoming awake and aware to your patterned thinking that is directing you every minute of the day.  Until you become awake to what you ARE thinking, and subsequently what actions you are taking out of ‘that’ thinking, you drift, your years blend together and you wonder why life isn’t going the way that you want it to go.

When you “Notice what you are Noticing”, that you are the observer of your life.  That observer has always been with you, even in the womb. That observer is your True Self, who you really are, not the body, not the mind, but the observer.  It is also from where, what we call “intuition”, speaks. We’ve had many, many years of positioning our negative habits to dominate our thinking.  So that you are “noticing what you are noticing” is paramount!!  This puts you in touch with “the observer” inside, because it is the observer that notices…and this noticing is who we really are…our essence, our source, our consciousness; the observer doesn’t judge; the observer doesn’t have an opinion of what’s going on; the observer isn’t attached; the observer isn’t expecting, controlling or demanding certain results.  The observer watches and watches us experience life.  And that observer speaks to us from a knowing, a trusting life’s energies, with ideas and insights and with awareness that enhance our own physical experience of life.

The third “goal post” is to do what you can, where you are, with what you have.  When you have a vision in front of you, and you allow your insight and volume of your inner voice to cascade from the observer and not the critical thinking in which we are so trained, the next step is to take action!  One step! One step that will take you that much closer to the vision of the life you would love living.  Allow your observer to guide you with what one thing you can do…and then one more thing; and then one more…and things begin to show up for you in service of attaining your vision that you couldn’t have imagined; but your observer Self IS guiding you toward that vision.

So, first, know what you would love, what you want, what feels so good to you; then as you begin to write and dream your vision, notice what thoughts begin to slow you down, dominate your thinking, tell you that you can’t have that…and say “Stop” to that voice, by deciding to “notice what you’re noticing”…and then, take the steps that your Intuition, your Observer Self provides.  And have so much fun with it!

The above “Pearl of Wisdom” is LIVE! It has been shared directly from the content in the current ongoing weekly course that the Four Dames teach – a life changing, transformational course designed to provide structure and weekly support for women who know they have treasured gifts to offer the world.

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Marilyn Macha is a successful Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Speaker, Author and Results Expert who advises women on financial awareness, life success and creating real wealth.  Having been a financial advisor for nearly 30 years, Marilyn has developed great acumen in creating strategies for wealth building for women. Marilyn is one of the Founders of www.fourdames.com. The Four Dames is a collaborative coaching company that empowers Women to create a life of freedom, purpose and fun, which specializes in the areas of Health, Wealth, Love and Purpose.


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