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Are You Waiting for ‘Then’ to Be Happy? How to Generate Your Own ‘Happy’ in 9 Quick Steps!

Are You Waiting for 'Then' to Be Happy? How to Generate Your Own 'Happy' in 9 Quick Steps!

“Life is supposed to feel good; we are meant to be happy.” -Julie Jones Hamiltion

I remember the moment I began to question, “Why do I keep chasing after my happiness?”

I once accepted an offer to work overtime, which completely changed my family’s weekend plans without consulting them or considering what was already scheduled. I jumped on the chance at work and completely missed out on a moment in my daughter’s life when she was making her acting debut.

It suddenly occurred to me, “Why did I agree to do this? Was it for the paycheck?” I knew I wanted the extra money for our upcoming vacation – a vacation I felt I needed so I could then be happy. I began to realize I was chasing my happiness. I had placed my happiness “out there”. I had a habit of thinking: when this or that happens.….then I can be happy.

Are you waiting for “THEN” to be happy?

I discovered, when I wait for “then” I am missing out on my happiness “now”. No person, place or thing has the ability to make me happy. I make me happy. Happiness is an inside feeling, a choice and decision only I can make. I don’t have to wait until I make more money to be happy, or go on a vacation to be happy or even be with other people to be happy. I can make the decision to be happy right now.

Happiness is a thought and a shift in perception.

When I realized I have the power and the capacity to generate happiness now, regardless of any condition or situation, it was then I experienced a real “Ah-Hah!” moment, which changed my thinking and my life!

Life’s gift is happiness. The place to begin is learning how to generate your own happiness now. It is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design in your present.

Here are nine powerful steps to help you design your own “Happy”!

1. Appreciate What You Have.

If you count your blessings instead of your money, you would see you are truly rich. Happiness is here if you want it to be. See it wrapped in beauty and hidden delicately between the seconds of your life. Stop and notice, you will see it.

2.  Define Your Own Meaning of Life and Pursue it.

What is the meaning of life? It is whatever you want it to be. Define and create a vision of what you would love to experience. Make a list of what you would like to be, do, have and give in your life. You are not here to live a life of mediocrity. You are here to love, share and be happy.

3. Embrace Life’s Challenges.

You may think taking a detour in life is a waste of energy, however, the detour is a means of learning more about who you are and where you are heading in your life.  Being disoriented and confused can challenge your creative spirit to discover new ways to build a stronger and happier YOU. By embracing your challenges you become stronger and wiser. Ask what learning has this challenge brought you?

4. Find the Balance of Who You Truly Are.

Sometimes a challenge can make us decide to either stay put and try harder, or release and move toward what makes us happy. Sometimes we must step outside of the person we’ve been and remember the person we were meant to be. We are capable of being the person we truly are by being the generators of our own happiness.

5. Love Your Body/Self.

You’re beautiful; You are the only YOU in this whole Universe. Be proud of yourself because you are born into your own skin. It’s miraculous; you can stretch it, burn it, mark it, tan it, and peel it. You will always be in it, so take loving care of your body/self and it will love you back!

6. Limit Your Negative Thoughts.

You can choose positive thoughts. You can protect your spirit by limiting your negative thoughts. Really, that’s it! Simply notice what you are noticing and be quick to shift to empowering HAPPY thoughts. This will change your conditions and your environment.

7. Treat Others With Kindness.

Be conscious of your attitude and your actions. When you begin treating others with compassion and kindness it grows and allows you and others to feel more happiness. We live in an abundant, growing universe and the Law of Attraction states, “Like attracts like”. What would you like to attract more of into your life?

8. BE the Example of Happiness.

If you want an empowered, happy life, begin by living the most powerful, happy version of yourself first. See yourself in your best light, living a life you love. Search your imagination and write a new story, a happier story. Dream and believe in what you love so much that it naturally comes into your experience. Stay focused on your journey, release comparisons to others and leave your own happy footprints along the way!

9. Accept What Is.

When we accept what is and live in the possibilities of what lies ahead, we eliminate focusing on what might have been. Accept what is. Look for the good and let go of the rest. Keep busy by thinking about what you would love and what makes you happy. Trust in the unfolding of life.

All that you love will come to be, as you become the generator of your own “happy”!

The above “Pearl of Wisdom” is LIVE! It has been shared directly from the content in the current ongoing weekly course that The Four Dames teach – a life changing, transformational course designed to provide structure and weekly support for women who know they have treasured gifts to offer the world.
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Julie Jones Hamilton is a successful Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Professional Motivational Speaker and Author. As a trained specialist to thousands of women, Julie empowers them to listen to their own authentic voice within, stand in their true potential and create  rich and meaningful relationships. Julie is one of the Founders of www.fourdames.com. The Four Dames is a collaborative coaching company that empowers Women to create a life of freedom, purpose and fun, which specializes in the areas of Health, Wealth, Love and Purpose.

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