Empowering you to create freedom in all areas of your life

Awaken the Woman Within

Create Freedom and Joy in Four Domains of Your Life: Health, Wealth, Love, Purpose

Four Dynamic Women, each Certified Life Mastery Consultants, create a unique and transformational morning that could change the trajectory of your life! This empowering seminar includes a “vision workshop” and a sumptuous “wisdom luncheon.”

What a Difference a Dame Makes!

  • How to think like a “DAME” – Free, Empowered and FUN!
  • Tap into a higher level of freedom that you desire.
  • Connect with four experts who will share tips on how to 
live a life you would LOVE.
  • Be inspired to Live a greater, freer, more joyous life.
  • Learn to Design a Vision for your Highest Possibility in these four domains of your life:

Health –  Re-think ways to bring more health, well-being and FUN to every part of your life!
Wealth  –  Live a life of Wealth. Develop the “Wealthy Woman Within” to create real wealth and prosperity easily!
Love  –  Uplevel your capacity to Love and Be Loved.  Experience Love from the inside, out!
Purpose  –  Dive deep into your unique purpose. Develop a sense of meaning,  an appreciation of the gifts you bring to the world!

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