Meet The Dames

Four dynamic certified business and life consultants support YOU in creating a successful and abundant life. By understanding and applying Universal Leadership Principles in all areas, YOU design a full life of freedom, purpose, and abundance and fun that is aligned with your core values.


• Our Purpose is to inspire and empower women to embrace the magnificent power that resides inside every human soul. Expanding, emerging and becoming the whole, powerful, healthy, loving, successful and happy woman who you truly are.


• Our Vision is to offer interactive courses and programs, which discovers and uncovers your true and full potential to live a prosperous life and successful career that you truly love.


• Our Passion is to support you through the process as YOU design your life, turning your possibilities into results and experiencing a life in harmony with your highest ideals.

Patricia Barnett

Patricia Barnett is a highly sought-after success consultant, speaker, life coach and author who has inspired and helped thousands of people around the world start dreaming again – and then achieve those dreams.


Best known for her unmatched passion for serving others, Patricia taps into her ability to serve as a catalyst, propelling others to action. She is a results expert, helping people to move from a point of just hoping to a point of achieving the success they desire.


As a student of self-development and human potential for nearly twenty years, and among an elite group of top producers in the direct sales industry, Patricia uses her knowledge and experience to help others unlock their personal potential to achieve success, as well as applying it to her very own life, demonstrated by her own success story.


With a dramatic win over deadly illness, Patricia Barnett has relied on her faith and unwavering belief to guide her through life’s most daunting challenges, and to ultimately achieve enviable success. In the midst of her health battle, Patricia termed herself a “thriver” – not a mere survivor. She has applied this attitude to every aspect of her life.


Today, Patricia is a Beacon of Hope, sharing her message as a one-on-one coach and to large audiences around the world – providing support for others to achieve their life’s goals and to live as “thrivers” no matter the circumstances. Illustrated by her own experiences of finding strength and courage in the midst of tragedy, her enthusiastic message is that anyone can achieve health, happiness, and success if equipped with the right tools.


Patricia is a dedicated and loving wife to her husband, Richard, and together they have raised two incredible children, Ross and Amber.

Julie Jones Hamilton

For over 25 years, Julie has served thousands of women from homelessness to homeownership as a former president and board member of the nationally renowned long-term women’s treatment facility, in Lexington KY.


The founder of The Empowerment Foundation Group, LLC, and Julie Jones Hamilton International Consulting, Julie consults professionals, groups, and entrepreneurs in creating results, realizing dreams, and accelerating success.


Julie is the co-author of Amazon #1 International Bestseller, “Wealth Mastery for Women, The Twelve Laws in Creating Success Starting Today,” “Women Living Consciously II”  and “The Change” Series.


As a founding partner of The Four Dames, together they are keynote speakers and deliver global courses. Julie is the recipient of “Dream Builder Achievement Award of Excellence” from the Life Mastery Institute and received the “Community Philanthropy Award Appreciation Recognition, Outstanding Service to Women and Children” along with the University of Kentucky “Fellowship Society” Award.


As a producer, Julie is a co-founder of Kitchen Hamilton Productions, partnering with David Meltzer, Sports1Media House in creating the national series, “Worlds Greatest Motivators.”


Julie Jones Hamilton lives in Lexington Kentucky with her beloved husband, Jimmy, their son and two married daughters. Collectively they share eight fabulous children, twenty-two grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. She says her family is her true wealth.

Lynn Kitchen

Lynn Kitchen is passionate about helping clients to realize their greatness, create wealth and a purposeful life. She is an empowerment specialist helping individuals and businesses to reach greater levels of success and transform their dreams into reality.


Lynn’s inspirational keynote talks are a catalyst for creating breakthrough thinking and real results. Lynn has developed the “Café of Dreams” which is sought after at events, seminars and corporate meetings, and is the co-producer of Kitchen Hamilton Productions, partnering with David Meltzer, Sports1Media House in creating the national series, “Worlds Greatest Motivators.”


Lynn is a founding partner of The Four Dames, a collaborative coaching company helping to empower women worldwide along with being a partner in Applied Futurist, an advisory company helping entrepreneurs to broadcast their message to the world. She is also executive producer of NinetyO’, an online blog for seniors.


Lynn draws from a 34-year career as an investment advisor and financial executive, and continues to be a Director/Owner of Maxwell Noll Investment Advisors, a money management firm in Pasadena, California. Lynn is one of the first women to have owned her own investment broker-dealer in Los Angeles, California.


Additionally, Lynn taught investment courses for fifteen years at the Pacific School of Finance and served her church community as a state-licensed spiritual practitioner for over a decade. Currently, Lynn is Board Chair of Spirit Awakening Foundation, bringing programs of self-esteem and leadership to incarcerated youth and after-prison mentoring and job placement.


Lynn holds a Bachelor of Science, Business Marketing, from California State University, Long Beach, and holds advanced financial certifications including Licensed Financial Principal and a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA). Lynn lives in Longboat Key, Florida with her husband and enjoys tennis and biking.

Marilyn Macha

After 20 years of running one of the top financial services firms in the country, yet finding she felt a longing for more from life, Marilyn has discovered and developed a proven formula for helping high-performing women reach an entirely new level of aliveness and success – both personally and professionally.


Marilyn, nationally acclaimed speaker, author, corporate consultant and certified coach is a visionary and pioneer. Over thirty years ago she began a career in the financial services industry, an industry dominated then and now by men.


In 2014 she sold her very successful financial planning practice in Houston, TX to pursue her consulting and coaching career full time. Already seasoned in supporting her clients through the good years and the challenging times, she knew her gift was helping people clearly create lives that exemplify the most meaningful life possible for them and one which would reflect their personal values. Marilyn’s many years of observation and study in the fields of psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, quantum physics and mathematics all brought her to the understanding that what we think and what our thinking is about, literally, creates how we experience life.


She has been recognized by many financial publications such as Barron’s and Forbes as an outstanding leader in the financial planning field. Marilyn served most recently on the Advisory Board of Directors of The Monarch School, a non-profit school specializing in developing and teaching children with neurological differences. She has served on many other Boards of organizations that are focused on purposes that transform our world in positive ways. She has supported many local organizations promoting child welfare in Houston.


Marilyn lives in Lees Summit, Missouri with her Husband John. She has a loving son and daughter-in-law and two grandchildren she adores.