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The Four Dames invite you to an exclusive one-day workshop retreat for women


This is a one-time opportunity to be with The Four Dames


Saturday, September 28, 2013
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Long Beach Harbor, California

8:00am – Registration Mix/Mingle & Coffee
9:00am – Doors Open and Program Begins Promptly
Includes an Elegant Luncheon
and FREE Parking

This will sell out quickly – reserve NOW


Welcome to your personal day of inspiration and transformation!

In exploring your treasure with and awakening to self, sovereignty and service you will find….

• Your deep inner passion to live the life you love

Your freedom to choose to live the life you love

Your treasured gifts and talents to share in the life you love


You are invited to identify, connect and express
the true Queen that resides within you.

The Four Dames teach a new, effective “thinking technology” that creates accelerated results and expanded awareness to create more freedom in your life.

During this luxurious day you will be given the keys and a step-by-step process to achieve results and empower the four areas in your life: Health, Wealth, Love and Purpose to create a life you truly love living!

This is a journey into the “moreness” of your aliveness…into a personal breakthrough and a pin-point shift toward the direction of your dreams!

Whether you have had glimpses toward your brilliance or you just can’t seem to find your way, The Four Dames will sail with you on an inner voyage to discover your hidden treasures upon the Queen Mary.


This day is perfect for you….

• If you would like to find the time and freedom to create the life that you love living

If you desire to feel more aliveness in your life

If you are longing to know what TRUE WEALTH really is

If when you look at your accomplishments and you still feel that you are not quite enough

If you think there is more to Wellness and Well-being than only your body

If you are wondering … “is this all there is?”, yet in your heart there is a longing for more

If you’ve done the inner work and have not seen REAL results

If you want to know your TRUE PURPOSE and why you are here

If you would love to have a day of fun, be inspired and feel empowered!

We invite you to join us, reserve your seat NOW!


Here is what women are saying about The Four Dames…

“Real Wealth? – that is a concept I never thought about before. When you said ‘It’s not about the money,’, I began to really listen. Thank you, Four Dames, for giving me a new way to measure the good in my life!” – Naomi T.

“What a difference a Dame makes! You gals ROCK! I am so excited to work on my own vision for a life I would love….. I thought I was living a pretty good life, but today I realized it is not at all what I would truly LOVE. So you opened my eyes – I loved this program. I had fun, really felt listened to and valued. Thank you forever, Dames!” – Valerie B.

“Here’s to the me that I dare to be!” – Shauna T.



The truth is…there really IS greatness and power
within you to live your dreams!

This is a day about discovery…. unlock the best part of your life…see a glimpse of a vision that is possible, a vision of greatness, dreams that really can come true, being introduced to the queen that is you.

This is a day about choice…. about making a choice for the life you truly desire: the health, the abundance, the love and the time to create your life and enjoy freedom.

This is a day about answers... a day about change, power and decision…to create clarity in the relationships you want, the work you do and the gifts and talents you give to the world!

“When I learned I actually had a choice in my life – I found my power!” – Tanitia J.

“Dear Four Dames, Each of you is a magnificent gift. Collectively the Four Dames are the brightest light, just like a super star, you literally light up the world. I appreciate your insights, stories and wisdom. All will be cherished and remembered as the day that marked ‘the first day, of the rest of my life.’” – Erin J.

“I sat in the back of the room, as I usually do. But I was pulled forward by The Four Dames – you each seemed to speak directly to ME! Even though your stories were all different, there was a part of me that related to each one of you! I realized I was seeking this all along! You certainly made a difference in my life today! Thanks!” – Kathy P.



• What if…. you really had joy and happiness in all of your relationships?

• What if… you had enduring, vibrant health and energy?

• What if … you had financial freedom to be and do what you wish?

• What if… you could create the life you love living?

• What if… all things really were possible?

Let’s find those solutions together!

Extremely limited seating – will sell out quickly.
Reserve YOUR ticket today!


“When I came today, I was searching for an answer. I have worked hard to achieve all that I have and yet have felt unfulfilled, restless, and somehow unhappy, even though I should be happy. After being with The Four Dames, I realized I can honor that “call from within” that is tugging at me, but I have ignored it, until today. Thank you, Dames!” – Linda W.

“I have been unhappy and struggling all my life with my weight, my health, and what I look like. The Four Dames helped me see myself in a new light and understanding. I have the power to create a different me. What you gave me was a new hope. Authentic Health – that’s what I want! Thanks for not just giving me another diet or formula. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, especially Patricia, the Dame on Health.” – Sheryll G.

“This event and the day with you was life changing.” Each of you are beautiful, elegant and such an inspiration for women to live their best lives: “up until now, I thought I had lived all that I was here to be, do, give and have. You helped unlock a part of me that I did not even know existed.” – Sandra M.

This is your life and you are a Queen!


This is the one-time opportunity to be on The Queen Mary with The Four Dames.
Bring your favorite girlfriend, sister, daughter or co-worker and share in
an unprecented event which WILL sell out early!


“The world will be saved by the western woman” – Dalai Lama

The Four Dames have created a day of empowerment for you and the women in your life. Invite a friend, a sister, mother, co-worker, relative or daughter and come for a day of unlocking the treasure that is YOU.

In this Interactive Workshop and Elegant Luncheon you wear the Queen’s Crown! Discover the treasure of your authentic power and awaken to yourself and your sovereignty – a day to be remembered as a true turning point in your life.


Lynn Kitchen – Dame on Purpose, Marilyn Macha – Dame on Wealth
Julie Hamilton – Dame on Love, Patricia Barnett, Dame on Health

Four strong, dynamic, successful women SPEAKING TOGETHER on one stage, delivering an experience to women audiences so personal, impactful, and so rich that it is forever remembered as the fulcrum point of life-changing decisions made on that very day, in that very room.

Four personalities, four stories with a whole lot of wisdom, fun, and focus. The Four Dames skillfully weave a message of empowerment that motivates women to rethink their lives by asking the question, “What would I truly love?” in four areas: health, wealth, love and purpose.

Pizazz to the Power of FOUR! The Four Dames invite women to allow a day of much needed personal time to focus on themselves in a truly elegant setting among other like-minded professional women, enjoying great food and an inspiring program that is life-changing. By creating more freedom in our own lives, we believe women become more effective and improve the status of women everywhere and indeed uplift the whole world.

When you disembark, you feel freer, lighter with clarity and a new conviction to say, “I love my life”!


The Four Dames Offer Women Real Solutions!

Extremely limited seating.
This is a one-of-a-kind event!


“When you asked us, “Where does your REAL WORTH reside?”, I became like jello – I could not answer that. But by the end of the program, I GOT IT! I have the sovereignty to choose! It’s a living, breathing choice. Knowing that changed everything in a blink – I am choosing to be creative, loving, healthy, prosperous, and dedicate myself to truly giving my gifts to this world! I love the Dames!” – Terri C.

“A great aha moment was the awareness that in the past when I saw my dream, it was actually just a wish or a hope. Now I know that truly, all things are possible!” – Didi S.

“Although I have no idea how my dreams will become my reality, or even how I will one day “love my life”,
I am now confident that YOU know how. With your insights and support, there is hope, even for me”
– Paula D.

Give yourself this gift. Be with powerful women in an elegant setting
while breathing in the vision of creating the life you love.
The Four Dames show you how.

We’d love to see YOU there!
Plan to join us NOW!


Meet the Dames:

dame_pbarnettPatricia Barnett – Dame on Health
Patricia is a successful Life Mastery consultant, speaker, life coach and author who has inspired and helped thousands around the world to release the creative genius within to bring forth their dreams. She is a results expert, helping people achieve the success they desire. With a dramatic win over a deadly illness, Patricia is a “thriver,” not a mere survivor, as she applies this dynamic attitude to every aspect of her life with unwavering belief. Her enthusiastic message is, “Anyone can achieve health, happiness, and success if equipped with the right tools.” Patricia is dedicated to her husband, Richard and their two incredible children.

Dame_jhamiltonJulie Jones Hamilton – Dame on Love
Julie is a certified Life Mastery Consultant partnering with women to expand in personal growth, professional success and intentional living. She is a highly trained specialist in transformative success principles, empowering women to listen to their own authentic voice, stand in their true power and embrace the tools to create healthy, life-giving, meaningful relationships. As a Results Expert and Vision Consultant, she offers corporate, individual, group and teleseminar coaching and courses. In the last twenty-two years Julie has inspired and transformed the lives of thousands of substance dependent women and their families. Julie is devoted to her husband and family and lives in both Lexington, Kentucky and in Dana Point, California. She enjoys her two married daughters, a college son and three grandsons, which are her passion.

dame_lkitchenLynn Kitchen – Dame on Purpose
Lynn is a Professional Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Certified Life Mastery Coach whose personal mission is to support others to reignite their inner passion and design a Legendary Life. Lynn works with executives, employee groups, professional associations and affinity groups delivering programs for success in creating more profit through crystal clear decision-making and greater service. She enjoys a 34 year career as a financial executive and money manager and was a pioneer as one of the first women on the west coast to open her own Investment Broker-Dealer. Lynn also served as a state-licensed spiritual practitioner specializing in grief support and renewal. Currently Lynn is Board Chair of Spirit Awakening Foundation, a non-profit agency that provides mentoring and aftercare to teen-age girls who are being released from incarceration at prison camps. Lynn lives with her husband in Longboat Key, Florida and Pasadena, CA.

dame_mmachaMarilyn Macha – Dame on Wealth
Marilyn is a Result Expert and Certified Life Mastery Consultant. She is a true visionary for financial awareness, wisdom and freedom. Having been a financial advisor for nearly 30 years, Marilyn has developed great acumen in creating strategies for making money work in the physical realm. Her passion lies with the commitment to know what really creates wealth…from the invisible realm. Marilyn delights in the understandings of and being a part of Wealth Creation as she shares that knowledge through speaking, teaching and coaching others to know how to create Real Wealth from within. Marilyn lives in Houston, Texas with her Husband John and has a loving son and daughter-in-law and two grandchildren she adores.


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