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The Power of FOUR!


  • IF you are looking for a keynote that commands the room, delivers star quality with a profound impact…
  • IF you want your audience to walk away deeply touched with action steps to move forward in their lives…
  • THEN now is the time to bring in The Four Dames!
  • The Four Dames speak and teach as one voice using fascinating personal examples that move your audience to laughter and tears.


We customize our programs to your audience needs and preferences.


Four Keys to Wealth Mastery
Gain valuable insights, strategies and 4 Key Fundamentals to create the real results you desire in your life and in your business. Wealth creation is not difficult, it is very possible for everyone, everywhere!

Modern Day Millionaire

Become a Modern Day Millionaire! Your wealth is closer than you think. Learn to leverage your assets, knowledge and understanding to bring abundant prosperity and the modern day millionaire mindset into your life.

The Laws of Universal Wealth

Applying the Eternal Laws of the Universe brings the real promise of expansion, success and joyful fulfillment. Understanding the Laws will reawaken within you the knowledge of your purpose and your own personal power.


“With the Four Dames I learned and applied the 4 Keys and within the first month I found my life purpose.”
— Molly Flanegin


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