Wealth Mastery For Women

A 12-Part Audio Series to Create Wealth – Starting Today!


Wealth Mastery For Women Audio Program is the perfect way to apply more joy, abundance and wealth into your life. This important, powerful and PROVEN system is the first step to achieving success in all areas.


In this 12-part audio series you will learn the key fundamentals in creating the results you desire walking through the specifics in wealth creation to attract to you all things necessary that prospers you.


The Four Dames each deliver personal insights and tips in creating a deeper understanding of developing real wealth in your relationships with money, family, friends and career.

Listen as The Four Dames, with guest speaker, Dr. Paula Fellingham,
introduce you to the technique and tools that produces real results

to create a life of wealth and prosperity doing what you love!

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“Wealth Mastery for Women”