Four Ways to Experience Your Life Newly.

Four Ways to Experience Your Life Newly.

What if this life simply is about the experience of itself? Not the worry; not the doubt; not the fear, but the adventure of discovery?  What would those new tools look like, if this life simply IS about the experience of itself…for the experience, itself?

LISTEN deeply – FEEL all of life – THINK newly – SPEAK up!

Listen Deeply!

There is a difference between hearing something and listening to it; what does it have to say to you?  How could it apply to your own life? What would you have it mean in your own experience of life?  How could it develop your own consciousness, hour own awareness of Being in the world?  Begin to ask these questions as you listen to what is being said to you.

Feel Life!

The full gamut of emotions. What that means is, be willing to feel fear and take an action step anyway. So often our fears are residue from past experiences of a person whom we are not anymore.  Simply be willing.

My four year old grandson had spent the night with me and wanted to help me prepare breakfast.   He wanted to break the eggs into the bowl; he tentatively tapped the egg on the side of the bowl. When I helped him approach the task with more determination, the shell, indeed, did break. I watched him, as perhaps some earlier reprimand in his young life brought back a memory of feeling bad, scared, embarrassed to have broken something. I saw the fear in his eyes as the shell broke and the white of the egg got onto his fingers.  He didn’t want to break anymore eggs!  We are like that – sometimes when something happens that has an adverse response to what we would want, we allow that interpretation to thwart future actions which are not truly related.  We stop our experiences, our adventure of life! Be aware of your interpretation of your feelings.

Think Newly!

As you become aware of your thoughts and interpretations, take a deep breath. Ask a question (what could I do here? Is this thought that I am having appropriate now? What could I think that would have me enjoy this experience?)  As you practice thinking newly, you begin to develop muscles related to your listening and feeling and you develop trust and belief in yourself and in life itself.

Speak Up!

Tell yourself to share with others, what you see, what you think, what you feel.  What you begin to know moves you into a new way of living, a life that you love living.  In speaking to yourself (which we do, anyway, mostly to keep us FROM new experiences), in listening deeply, experiencing and thinking newly, you begin to create more love, joy, happiness and deeper relationship all around.  Enjoy this beautiful experience and adventure called Life!

– Marilyn Macha is a successful Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Speaker, Author and Results Expert who advises women on financial awareness, life success and creating real wealth.  Having been a financial advisor for nearly 30 years, Marilyn has developed great acumen in creating strategies for wealth building for women.

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