People Are Talking

“With the Four Dames I learned and applied the 4 Keys and within the first month I a shift in a new welcomed direction.”
— Molly Flanegin

“Clarifying one’s mission and visualizing a dream life are important first steps on the road to fulfillment and happiness. Working with the Four Dames has been a profound and life- changing experience.”

“I read the Four Dames’ ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ message about the power of forgiveness. I began applying it to a situation at work and it has made a huge difference. I won’t be dwelling on my negative feelings all day; and, when I see the person again, I will be cheerful, and not have a negative attitude. How’s that for a new plan? Thanks, Four Dames!”
– Bill

There is so much truth in what the Four Dames teach. I have heard the lesson before, just never stated so succinctly and honestly. Thank you for supporting those of us who might have been suffering through this recent recession.Thanks, it reminded me of things I had forgotten and must revive.
— Jim J, California

“When I learned I actually had a choice in my life – I found my power!”
—Tanitia J

“Dear Four Dames, Each of you is a magnificent gift. Collectively the Four Dames are the brightest light, just like a super star, you literally light up the world. I appreciate your insights, stories and wisdom. All will be cherished and remembered as the day that marked ‘the first day, of the rest of my life.”
— Erin J.

“I sat in the back of the room, as I usually do. But I was pulled forward by The Four Dames – you each seemed to speak directly to ME! Even though your stories were all different, there was a part of me that related to each one of you! I realized I was seeking this all along! You certainly made a difference in my life today! Thanks!”
— Kathy P.

“When I came today, I was searching for an answer. I have worked hard to achieve all that I have and yet have felt unfulfilled, restless, and somehow unhappy, even though I should be happy. After being with The Four Dames, I realized I can honor that “call from within” that is tugging at me, but I have ignored it, until today. Thank you, Dames!”
— Linda W.

“I have been unhappy and struggling all my life with my weight, my health, and what I look like. The Four Dames helped me see myself in a new light and understanding. I have the power to create a different me. What you gave me was a new hope. Authentic Health – that’s what I want! Thanks for not just giving me another diet or formula. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, especially Patricia, the Dame on Health.”
— Sheryll G.

“This event and the day with you was life changing.” Each of you are beautiful, elegant and such an inspiration for women to live their best lives: “up until now, I thought I had lived all that I was here to be, do, give and have. You helped unlock a part of me that I did not even know existed.”
— Sandra M.

“ When you asked us …“Where does your REAL WORTH reside?”, I became like jello – I could not answer that. But by the end of the program, I GOT IT! I have the sovereignty to choose! It’s a living, breathing choice. Knowing that changed everything in a blink – I am choosing to be creative, loving, healthy, prosperous, and dedicate myself to truly giving my gifts to this world! I love the Dames!“
—Terri C.

“MORE TIME! – That’s what I would love! So that was my answer when you asked what one thing would you love more of. I thought to myself, smirk, smirk, yeah, go ahead, show me how to get more time. But you did! That blew me away. That was awesome, Dames!”
— Patti O.

“A great aha moment was the awareness that in the past when I saw my dream, it was actually just a wish or a hope. Now I know that truly, all things are possible!”
— Didi S.

“Although I have no idea how my dreams will become my reality, or even how I will one day “love my life”, I am now confident that YOU know how. With your insights and support, there is hope, even for me”
— Paula D.

“I had never been aboard the Queen Mary, and that, in and of itself, was a treasured gift. I literally felt like a queen the moment I stepped into the room with you. Being with you for the day I would expect nothing less! Truly you gals know how to ROLL ! I am thrilled to be one of your newest Dames, and look forward to “rolling” with you!”
— Debbie W.

“I never knew that I really get to choose…that I have a choice to really live the life I would LOVE. Now I do. Now I understand what sovereignty really means. Thank you for explaining it in such a profound, personal way. I choose freedom to do, be, have, and give what I choose! Thank you Dames! “
— Stefanie H.