Treasured TIP of the Week – Health (Week 2)

Treasured TIP of the Week – Health (Week 2)

“Laughter is by definition healthy. “ – Doris Lessing

In Japan, the Seicho-no-le group have five million members who practice laughing as a chosen daily practice of inviting the spirit of joy into their lives. When we consciously make a habit to practice laughter, we are putting ourselves in a mental, emotional state that is harmonious with joy. There is a release; there is a relaxation and there is a rejuvenation to the cells that does not happen when we just operate out of “getting it done”.

So don’t take this casually…this is really about changing patterns of how we take care of ourselves, because…

There is nothing like a DAME!


DAMES LIFE MASTERY COURSE – This week’s topic: HEALTH, Week 2

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