Treasured TIP of the Week – Health

Treasured TIP of the Week – Health

“Our health is a reflection of our well-BEing” – Patricia Barnett

When we think of health, we think of our physical bodies and what “to do” for the best health results. Of course, healthy foods, clean water, sleep and supplements are great support for optimal health. As important as what we are doing to support our health, it is equally if not more important to be aware of who we are BEing in support of our health.

The truth is that our state of well-BEing or the lack thereof has a direct correlation to the quality of health that we are experiencing. So when we look at our “state of BEing”, we look at all areas of our life which include: our health, wealth, love and our work in the world.

Our true health is a reflection of our state of well-BEing: what we are thinking, feeling and doing in all areas of our life. In fact, our bodies speak to us to let us know if we are on track or off. On track looks like energy, vitality, flexibility and strength. Off track, symptoms and dis-ease. Both are simply types of feedback, special messages that our bodies have for us, called results.

This week, be still and listen….what is your body saying to you???

DAMES LIFE MASTERY COURSE – This week’s topic: HEALTH, Week 1

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