Treasured TIP of the Week – Transformation (Week 2)

Treasured TIP of the Week – Transformation (Week 2)

“As we enter the path of transformation, the most valuable thing we have working in our favor is our yearning.” – Cynthia Beourgeault

What would you love? What would you love to be, do, have and give? We all have desires, dreams and yearnings. We all have visions of the life we would love to have. In Life Mastery we learn the steps to take to live a transformed life. However, it does not take place overnight.

There are steps we take as in every journey. First we shape our ideas into an image and we call that image a vision or a dream. Then we create a blueprint or a roadmap that will assist us as we take steps in the direction of our dream. Next we become a vibrational match to our vision by thinking a certain way, acting in a certain way, and BE-ing grateful all along the way! That is when the magic begins to happen. We begin to attract to us the life we would love to live.

In Life Mastery we make authentic choices for transformation , realizing that difficulty is the means by which we are schooled and grown in the mastery of our own soul’s capacities.


The above “tips” are LIVE! They are taken directly from the current ongoing weekly course that The Four Dames teach – a life changing, transformational course called “Life Mastery”, designed to provide structure and weekly support for women who know they have treasured gifts to offer the world.

If you want more freedom in your life…if you are ready to take your dreams and hopes off the drawing board and into reality, then join our league of women who, together, are making a difference!