Treasured TIP of the Week – Transformation Week 4

Treasured TIP of the Week – Transformation Week 4

“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation” -Ann Voskamp

Transformation is much more than “changing” something. It implies and inspires an alteration to and continuation of our essence in the world; one continuous flow of, through and with the Essence that we really are. It takes more than just practice; it takes the kind of commitment that a caterpillar has to become the butterfly; there is no turning back once the training has begun.

Practice implies the possibility of a change of heart; training, in the quote above, implies a life altering commitment to the discovery of the Truth of who we are. The seed of “knowing Butterfly” inside the caterpillar begins the process, the manifestation of Self Discovery…in fact, letting go of knowing the Self as one way (currently, caterpillar) is the only way to “know Butterfly”.

May you trust the discovery of your Self and live in the plentitude
of  “You-Transformed”.


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The above “tips” are LIVE! They are taken directly from the current ongoing weekly course that The Four Dames teach – a life changing, transformational course called “Life Mastery”, designed to provide structure and weekly support for women who know they have treasured gifts to offer the world.

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