We All Have Gifts to Give to the World… What are Your Gifts and Talents?

We All Have Gifts to Give to the World… What are Your Gifts and Talents?

I know I was born gifted! The truth is, we all are born with specific gifts and talents to give to the world.  Have you ever wondered  what yours are? Our gifts usually reveal themselves to us by where we place our interest. I was born with the gift to gab and I love talking with people. I am interested in what others have to say and enjoy being in conversations. It is no wonder I became a teacher, speaker and coach.

However, it didn’t always seem that my gift to gab was a gift. When I was in the first grade, I remember my teacher asking me to put my name on the chalkboard because of disrupting the class. Soon I found three checks beside my name and was asked to go to the principal’s office. I was told I was distruptive, unruly and even spoke out of turn. By constantly interrupting the class my punishment was to be sent to kindergarten for a day. How mortifying, even for a first grader.

Now, we all have things that happen to us while growing up, perhaps even by well-intentioned parents, teachers or caregivers. Sometimes these occurrences, if dramatic enough to us, become patterns of self-talk that run in the background of our subconscious.  These patterns can be with us for years without our even knowing it.  For me the self-talk I heard, “Don’t talk too much; you disrupt others.” Or “Who do you think you are to speak out?”, both became patterns in my life. My interpretation – it is not safe for me to speak out because I may be punished. This ran in the background of my mind for years. I became a people pleaser, an approval seeker and would look to others for validation.

It was when I received the calling to become a speaker on the spiritual side of success that I moved through this fear and found a freedom, which supported my growth. I hired a coach and re-patterned the negative self-talk into loving, nurturing and self-validation. I found my authentic voice and true gift to speak by growing bigger than the fear of dejection and punishment.

So, what may be holding you back from being your authentic self? What are the patterns that may be running in the background of your mind that keep you from sharing your gifts and talents? I would submit to you, that these patterns may even hold a clue to your own gifts and talents and if examined closer may lead you into a nurturing and validating relationship with your self. You are, after all, your highest authority and the world is in need of the very gift you are here to bring.

– Julie Jones Hamilton is a successful Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Professional Motivational Speaker and Author. As a trained specialist to thousands of women, Julie empowers them to listen to their own authentic voice within, stand in their true potential and create  rich and meaningful relationships.

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